Dance Yoga Flow

The class combines elements of hatha yoga and spontaneous dance. The intention is a dynamic meditation in space, purification of the energetical body through movement, breath, and authentic self-expression.

We will transfer the yoga practice of asanas, mantras, and pranayama to the space outside the yoga mat, and we will move and heal the sacred power through our energy channels and centers in a dynamic style.

Dance Yoga Flow is focused on the development of authentic self-expression. I'd love to support everyone's self-confident joy in their spontaneity and expression.

Flow on the waves of the present moment will end with guided relaxation - already on a yoga mat and under a blanket if you like. Let's feel comfortable πŸ™πŸ½

The lesson is suitable for anyone who wants to move healthily and enjoy being in their physical body, regardless of previous experience with yoga or dance.


The break from average days

⚚ Stay in powerful and exotic places

⚚ Build a connection with yourself and nature

⚚ Improve yourself physically and mentally

⚚ Achieve spontaneous personal growth

⚚ Enjoy a good break with peaceful rest and gastronomy

⚚ Expand your self-consciousness, say no to substance


I organize retreats for private groups of

- Family

- Friend

- Company

- Public or private organizations

My all-in-one service includes:

- Personal and exclusive guide

- Hotel/accommodation/location reservation

- Customised daily programs

- Logistics coordination

- Organised day trips

- Any services at your request

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