Welcome to my site.

I'm Victoria, a life enthusiast, nature lover, and Yogini, originally from the Czech Republic. I am in a deep connection with nature daily, even when I spend time in a city I always follow the elements and urban nature, however, I decide to stay more in the woods, jungles, beaches, mountains, and countryside, or time to time in the desert too.

Usually, I start and end every day practicing various forms of yoga and meditation. Those are my rituals of satisfaction and well-being. I believe that exercising daily, spending time in nature, being honest with myself, and enjoying solitude are the basic pillars of the complex health in the modern world.

I keep in mind the old Zen wisdom that reads "The only thing that lasts is change". Rituals and meditation help me to accept and embrace the experience of constant change as consciously and joyfully as I can. In my opinion, the meaning of our lives is transformation, and I mean something more profound than just growing up to be a more or less successful adult, to then just age into a defenseless senior in a wheelchair dependent on others help. This motivates me to take personal responsibility for the quality of my life and to live as much as possible in the present moment, according to myself, my tastes, and my ideals.

I love sports and culture of movement, art, the joy of small things, travel, music, beautiful things, wise and noble people, animals of all kinds, the sea, food, sunbathing and dreaming, and constantly expanding horizons - ideally on a beach dazed by the sound of the ocean.
It gives me great fulfillment to share these values and philosophies. I feel guided to accompany other people through their personal transformation, and awareness of their life journey, and to lead them to healthy self-care and self-love. Currently, this is the best way to contribute to creating a community of self-confident, independent, and loving individuals in a healthy, peaceful society.