My heart is full of gratitude

My girlfriend and I met Viktorie while traveling abroad in Costa Rica. We booked a private couples lesson with her on the beach for 90 minutes of yoga and reiki. Victoria provided an awesome experience for us on the shores of Tamarindo with a gentle sea breeze. Wherever you may find her in the world there is no doubt you will have an amazing yoga experience with her!

William Kucharski, Oregon 

‘With Viki, you never doubt that she teaches yoga because she loves it and lives it. In my opinion, this is the reason why absolutely everyone can try yoga with her. I believe that the vast majority will be at least as satisfied and excited as I am after each lesson with her.
I recommend!’

Alexandra Mára Paurová, Lawyer

Viktorie is truly a free-spirited wild woman with a profound ability to hold space and dive deep with you. Meeting her felt like a healing I never knew I needed, if you get the chance to work with her be ready for huge shifts that will change your life.

Madeline Haylock

‘Since the first private class, I fell in love with yoga because Viki can make it a real pleasure for the body and soul too. Every single session was composed right for me, and that was exactly what I was looking for! After three months, I feel big steps forward. Eleven stars from ten. Thank you so much, Viki, for recovering my back.’

Nela Slabá, Founder of Karma je zdarma

‘Viki is great yogi and meditation instructor. She wrote content for our meditation app Calmio and recorded meditations on the professional level. I would definitely recommend working with her.’ 

Martin Kudera, Multidisciplinary entrepreneur 

Viktorie is a creative community builder, always dreaming big about the programming she puts on and the space she designs. She is passionate about traveling and connecting with diverse people around the world and about diverse learning opportunities. She also has a great deal of experience hosting international visitor, partners and funders.
I highly recommend collab with her!

Eva Srut, Director: Global Communities, Moishe House 

I've been doing yoga with Viki for several years. She helped me the most during covid through on-line sessions when I found out that I wasn't living life in harmony with my body. Viki has a healing gift and knows what blocks a person from connecting with himself/herself/themselves. Then she helps him/her/them connect, find inner strength and help him/her/them get "back" from the head to the body. And listen to it. All this with the help of the power of yoga, meditation, massages and rituals. I was very satisfied as a private client and I still go to community yoga classes and women's sessions. Viki, thank you very much for your help. 

Noemi Krausová, Production manager

Meeting Viki for the first time was a shock to my system initially, I guess i had forgotten what sisterhood felt like, what love in human form sounded like. And that's honestly what I felt from Viki the moment I met her, like I'd found a long-lost sister. Drumming on the beach with the ocean staring back at us, the moon glowing in the sky as we sank into the sand, the stars singing with us, chanting into the night, this place could be nirvana if I didn't already know it was Sian Khan, Mexico. A sacred place that holds so much beauty, so much magic. You can feel something in the air here, it's something both of this world and not of this world… like a portal between heaven and earth. It was an honour of the highest degree to be able to experience this place, and to experience it with Viki and her gorgeous energy was just something else.


‘I have found a very pleasant and funny way of doing something nice with my body.

I loved the music, the energy flow, and also the beautiful smells of essential oils that accompany the relaxation part. Looking forward to joining again!’

Barbora Kinkalova, Executive producer in audiovision

‘Viktorie had given me a profound feeling of calm during my most challenging year. I had had a few lessons with her, but they'd influenced my well-being. She is very empathetic and the yoga she teaches has an ideal pace that starkly contrasts with the commotion of our daily lives. I strongly recommend Viktorie's yoga services.’

Karin Onderkova, Designer and founder in Shoedaism

‘Viki is wonderful at connecting to her client's needs - from the beginning, she was able to tailor the lessons to my needs and current mood perfectly, she supported and motivated me in my progress, while I also knew that we were following a safe path without the risk of injuries. She helped me to master the headstand, which I had always wanted to do, but I did not dare to try it before.
She is a naturally optimistic person who can support your efforts and help you discover the amazing world of yoga.’

Tereza Vítů, Actress

Viktorie's class provided a much needed sense of relief and release after three days straight of nonstop walking through the gorgeous city of Prague. She is a patient, attentive, encouraging, and intuitive instructor who facilitates a creative flow flexible to the needs of the mind, body, and spirit. Go out of your way to pay Viktorie a visit and share time in her magical space!

Tony Nall, Filmmaker

‘Viktorie’s lessons are the most creative, fun, and challenging at the same time I have ever experienced. Her vivid imagination, excellent communication skills, and an original sense of humorleave me laughing, being completely in the zen, and feeling everypart of my body transformed physically and energetically.’

Katerina Lickova, Nomad vegan chef

‘Viktorie brought to our Prague studio Moanalua so beautiful dynamic vibe. Before the pandemic, she used to lead a Dance Yoga Jamclass composed by herself. The classes were always full, and all participants were happy. I can only recommend her as an instructor for your place.’

Helena Bartlová, Dancer and a yoga studio founder

‘Yoga, therapy, and self-development are presents she gave herself and which she wants to share with others. Viki understands people's emotions and souls maybe more than she knows. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow and how she will help to heal the world.’

Bára Jánová, Actress