Shielding from Negativity

This protection ritual safeguards against negative influences on individuals, living spaces, loved ones (including children and pets), and projects or businesses. It is a widely practiced and impactful ritual, prevalent during my study of Mayan shamanism in Guatemala.

A most spectacular example of this ritual I experienced was conducted at Tikal, where a young man departing for his studies was protected.

The ceremony, held under the spring full moon between two temple pyramids, involved the shaman, close relatives, and helpers. The preparation, including the shaman's circle and altar setup, spanned nearly three hours and featured offerings like chocolate, rice, sugar, cookies, flowers, and candles.

For a more accessible and eco-friendly approach, a smaller volume of offerings can be used. The timing and location selection for the ritual are essential elements that add inspiration and significance to the ceremony.

Protect yourself, your space, and your dear ones through this meaningful and empowering protection ritual.

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